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The Gorgeous, Secret History of Leather Fetish Fashion

September 23, 2020

The Gorgeous, Secret History of Leather Fetish Fashion

This is the story of how leather became a symbol of masculinity and sexuality from post-war motorcycle groups to modern-day sex apps

This informative article is a component of a set on AnotherManmag that coincides with LGBT History Month, shining a light on different elements of queer tradition. Mind here for lots more.

“When I’m using my leathers, i love the way in which we have become this type of sign, a trope, of masculinity and sexuality, ” describes Max, a 38-year-old homosexual guy from London. Max is really a “leatherman” or “leatherdaddy”, two descriptors that are common homosexual and bisexual males who fetishise fabric clothing and add-ons.


Posters through the British Leather Archive at Bishopsgate Institute

“Fetish fashion” could be the term utilized to explain the intrinsic website link between clothes and intimate fetishes, with materials like leather-based, lace, latex, and plastic keeping specific prominence. Dr Frenchy Lunning, writer of the 2013 guide Fetish Style, writes that fashion has historically been the way that is easiest to “traverse” from 1 spectral range of fetish to another. Lunning gauges that, within the reputation for fetish fashion, there has been two climaxes – no pun meant – with all the very first occurring between 1870 and 1900. “The Victorians went crazy over silk and velvet, ” writes Pat Califia, composer of Public Intercourse: The heritage of revolutionary Intercourse. “As quickly as brand new substances had been manufactured, someone eroticised them. ”

When fetishwear resurged because of its peak that is second a later on, between 1970 and 2000, leather-based had been the materials of preference. (more…)