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Should woman, 15, fall intimately active buddy?

July 21, 2020

Should woman, 15, fall intimately active buddy?

Dear Amy: i will be a 15-year-old woman and a freshman in senior school. We just take pride into the proven fact that We have always been a virgin and therefore I want to — and will — wait until wedding.

Every one of my buddies understand this, and all sorts of of them respect me personally because of it. Life without that stress was great.

Unfortuitously, fourteen days ago an in depth friend (who is just 14) said that she had intercourse together with her boyfriend and did not wish me personally to consider her any differently, but how to maybe not?

She provided by by by herself away at 14 — and also to some guy she might not really carry on dating!

I am attempting difficult not to ever judge her this is why action, but being her makes me uncomfortable because I’m not sure about what other kinds of peer pressure she can or will succumb around her and even talking to to!

She’s got been outstanding buddy and I do not wish to destroy our relationship, but i can not assist but concern yourself with her! (more…)