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You sound just like my…

August 14, 2020

You sound just like my…

You sound just like my partner I’m right female but partner has been slipping things away throughout the last 12 months, ive finally placed puzzle together he understands i understand and then he too feels at all what sex you are as long as your honest with your self and those around you it is excepted today but bk in day wasn’t so you can imagine the dark secret both my partners had to carry, yes it messed with my head but I get it now just didn’t expect it twice over, gets done help cancelling therpy for exceptance if I’m honest there’s more gays lesbians in this world that meets the ear, not many straight people left but you are what you are just need to except like you, yers I was very confused but I’ve been here before same thing with partner, very fked up in head angry with them selfs cos they were worried how the world would think of them, I have a son who gay and his s bright button but today it’s excepted, it don’t bother me

Many thanks for publishing this, …

Many thanks for publishing this, it really means a complete great deal and needs to be discussed. I simply read another article about mental LGBTQ and health youth, https: //www. Ez. Insure/2020/05/lgbtq-youth-mental-health/. It gets pretty deep as well as the suicide and despair prices are unsettling. Many thanks once again for dealing with this and i am hoping it helps others and obtain them to keep in touch with other people.


I have experienced anxiety attacks for near to two decades. Seven months ago it hit a top that i possibly could not any longer manage. I will be quite comfortable within my epidermis as being a gay guy. I am away for thirty years. I remain true for many when you look at the LGBTQ community. I’m not sure where you can go from right right here. I am no more strong.

I will be afraid for my 14yr. Old son.

He is just a lot more than i could ever require in a youngster. Smarter beyond his years, at minimum for college. We can talk all day. I think their mom and I also currently knew. (more…)